Traditionally, this is the time we are all going “Back to School” shopping for clothes, school supplies, and of course shoes! Even if back to school for your kids is looking different this year, it is still important to make sure they are wearing the right shoes in the right size regardless of where their learning is taking place! Studies have shown that a child’s feet can grow up to two sizes in six months! You want to make sure to take this into account when buying shoes. Follow these tips to help make sure the shoe fits every time!

  1. Don’t buy shoes that are too big and assume they will grow into them.  Oversized shoes can cause the foot to slide forward and put excessive pressure on the toes. A good fit is about a finger’s width from the end of the shoe to the tip of the big toe.
  2. Check for a toe box that flexes easily and a shoe that doesn’t bend in the middle of the sole.
  3. If the shoes feel tight or uncomfortable in the store, don’t buy them! They won’t get any better when you get home!
  4. Look for proper cushioning and arch support when shopping for shoes.
  5. If your child has flat feet, buy shoes with a wide toe box, maximum arch support, and shock absorption. 

These tips also apply to athletic shoes. If your child is playing sports, make sure they are wearing shoes designed specifically for the demands of that sport. If you are shopping for a general athletic shoe, cross-trainers can be a suitable choice. Bring their uniform socks to the store with them or other socks with a similar thickness to try on the shoes. 

Not sure if you need to buy new shoes? Here are some things to watch for!

  • Look for wear and tear around the edges of the sole. 
  • Shoes lose their shock absorption over time. Check for proper cushioning and arch support.
  • Have your child try on the shoes to see if they are too tight. Tight shoes can cause blisters, corns, and calluses on your child’s toes, blisters on the back of the heels, or even ingrown toenails.

If your child is having any foot or ankle pain that persists, contact Dr. Kylin Kovac or Dr. Jed Erickson at Idaho Foot and Ankle Center. They have the experience and knowledge to help find the right treatment plan to keep your kids’ feet happy and healthy! 




Some content provided by The ACFAS.