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From checking their vision to monitoring their eating habits, you’re constantly thinking about your child’s health. But do you ever consider their foot health? It’s a rather neglected part of the body when it comes to most people, particularly children. However, in order for your children to grow up big and strong, your podiatrist in Idaho Falls recommends these tips to parents for ensuring that their children’s feet remain healthy:

Child Foot Care

Examine Your Child’s Feet

  • You should be checking your child’s foot routinely to check for any issues or changes. Clubfoot and other abnormalities can be corrected if detected early on.

Neat & Clean

  • It’s important that your child’s feet stay clean. Sure they may love playing outside and getting in the mud and dirt, but if you don’t keep their feet clean, bacterial and fungal infections can set in. Therefore, practice good hygiene early so your child also adopts these habits. Make sure to focus on feet at bath time. Also, dry them off thoroughly after bathing, particularly between the toes, to prevent athlete’s foot and other infections from happening.

Shoe Shopping

  • Since children are constantly growing, they will need to be measured each time for new shoes. Shoes that are too tight can cause blisters and calluses, which can cause infection. Check to see if your child is constantly taking his shoes off, as this could be a sign that his shoes are bothering his feet. Also, always make sure your child goes with you to try on shoes, since it will be hard to tell what will fit him properly unless someone in the store measures him. 

Kick off Their Shoes

  • If your child is spending some time inside, then nix the shoes. Instead, let them walk around barefoot or in socks, as this will help them to strengthen their foot muscles, which will aid in healthy development.

Just a Trim

  • To avoid ingrown toenails, make sure you cut your child’s toenails straight across rather than curving them. Make sure not to cut down too far (toenails should always be even with the tops of your toes). If your child’s toenail becomes red, swollen or sore, they could have an ingrown toenail. If this happens, it’s time to make an appointment to see your Idaho Falls podiatrist.

andage Boo-Boos

  • It’s inevitable that children will get cuts and scrapes on their feet from time to time. When this happens, always thoroughly and gently wash those injuries off as soon as possible to eliminate infection. Then cover it with a Band-Aid to ensure that it heals. Exposing the open cut to the elements will only expose them to more germs, so always bandage foot wounds.

  • With these handy tips in mind, your child’s feet should stay healthy and happy; however, problems still happen. If so, call your foot and ankle doctor in Idaho Falls. We are here for you and your little ones!

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