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Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction

Fix the Root Cause!

Lapiplasty® is a new, patented treatment for bunion correction which corrects the root of the problem. Advanced technology secures the correction in place and allows patients to walk within days of surgery!

Lapiplasty Video Overview

A bunion is a bone deformity caused by an enlargement of the joint at the base and side of the big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint). Bunions form when the toe moves out of place. Over time, the movement of the big toe angles in toward the other toes. The growing enlargement or protuberance then causes more irritation or inflammation.

Bunions can also lead to other toe deformities, such as hammertoe. Bunions can be very painful, but relief is possible! For 87% of people with bunions, traditional surgery failed to treat the true source of the problem, a deformity caused by an unstable joint.

Idaho Foot and Ankle Center is now offering an innovative procedure called Lapiplasty®, which is designed to permanently secure the root cause of your bunion. Lapiplasty can help you get on the path to recovery quicker than with traditional bunion surgeries. Traditional osteotomy (2D surgery) has been associated with a high rate of recurrence. Lapiplasty patients can be less likely to have their bunion return. 

Lapiplasty recovery time
Bunion Surgery

Normal Foot

Bunion Surgery

Foot with Traditional 2D Bunion Surgery


Foot with Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction

How long does it take to recover from a Lapiplasty Procedure?

Patients are typically walking within days of surgery. Patients can return to most occupations within days to a couple of weeks, wearing a surgical boot. Within six weeks, you can expect to be walking in comfortable shoes such as tennis shoes, however you should not plan on any high-impact activities for 3-4 months. Short shopping trips and leisurely strolls are examples of the types of activities that should be fine at this point.

Can I wear fashionable shoes again?

The Lapiplasty Procedure allows most patients to return to their desired shoes. Of course, some fashionable shoes can be painful (even with a normal foot!), so results can vary from person to person and shoe to shoe.

Can I play sports after the Lapiplasty Procedure?

Yes, there are no permanent activity limitations after the Lapiplasty  Procedure. Most patients are able to return to most activities after the bones have completely healed.

Can the Lapiplasty Procedure be performed on someone who has previously had traditional surgery?

Yes, the Lapiplasty Procedure is an option that can be utilized by your doctor when a revision is required. Even if previously treated, patients can experience the same benefits from Lapiplasty– with a permanently secured foundational joint this time around.

 Can the Lapiplasty Procedure be performed as an outpatient procedure & how long does it last?

Yes, Lapiplasty surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures. Typically, the surgery will last just under an hour. If your doctor is performing any additional procedures at the same time, the surgery may take longer.

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