The autumn leaves are turning colors bringing the beautiful sight that everyone looks forward to each year. However, after the leaves begin falling on the lawn, it is not such a welcome sight! Leaves falling all around can create a lot of extra yard work, not always in the best weather. Keeping your yard maintained takes a lot of time and effort. As you work to clean up your leaves and get your yard ready for winter, follow these tips from The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons to help keep your feet and ankles safe as you work on your yard work duties. 


  1. Wear Proper Footwear–  If you are lucky enough to be doing your yardwork in warmer temperatures, stay away from sandals or flip-flops when you are working. Close-toed shoes are the best way to keep your feet protected from sharp objects, blades from power equipment, or sharp sticks.
  2. Don’t Work Outside When It’s Wet- Wet grass or leaves can make things slippery and cause injuries to your feet and ankles. Avoid working anywhere that poses a slip or fall risk, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  3. Remember to STRETCH- Yard work can be a good workout! Stretching and warming up can help avoid stressing muscles and tendons in the feet, ankles, and calves as you work in the yard.
  4. Keep Kids Away From Equipment- Power equipment such as leaf blowers, lawnmowers, and chainsaws can help make yardwork easier. Make sure to keep your equipment put away where kids can’t have access to it. When operating power equipment, remember to keep your kids at a safe distance to avoid accidents.
If you experience a foot or ankle injury while working in the yard, contact Dr. Kylin Kovac and Dr. Jed Erickson at Idaho Foot & Ankle Center. They have the knowledge and experience to find the right diagnosis and can determine the best-individualized treatment plan for you! Same-day appointments are available! Idaho Foot & Ankle Center offers many innovative options to help you get feeling better and back on your feet! You can rest assured you will receive exceptional care from the foot and ankle experts at Idaho Foot & Ankle Center.

Some content provided by The ACFAS.